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With a passion for perfection, Ingram Angus was established in 2016 with ranches in Pulaski and Wartrace, Tennessee. The Ingram brand is becoming one of the fastest growing purebred Angus operations in the United States, building a herd of registered Angus cattle in one year that is second to none, with a focus on excellence in performance, carcass traits, and maternal ability.

As the #1 beef breed in the world, Angus cattle naturally catch the attention of business-minded ranchers. Smart cattlemen appreciate the balanced traits that Angus offers for both the registered and commercial cattlemen. They just make sense, no matter where you’re located.

And that’s exactly what caught the attention of owner, Orrin Ingram, an industrial businessman who also has roots in the commercial cattle business. The Ingram’s have run a large scale commercial cattle operation in Osceola County, Florida for decades – the heart of Florida’s cattle country. In this land, the Ingram family has utilized Angus bulls in a crossbreeding program to produce beef on thousands of acres best suited for cattle and wildlife.

As a well known breeder of championship Foxhounds and thoroughbreds, Orrin was naturally intrigued by Angus. He loved the stability of proven bloodlines, but the fresh new performance strides the breed was making at such a fast generational turnover. With an exceptional team of herdsmen and farm managers, Ingram Angus is now beginning to execute their vision of becoming a “go to” supplier of elite Angus cattle that work for the real world producer.

We invite you to analyze the renowned foundation cattle we have carefully and strategically selected for our herd. Our AI sires represent the apex of the best genetics available in the Angus breed at this time. Our donor females, which are hand-selected for their maternal production and profitability bring in real world, no-nonsense traits that will work for the commercial cattleman. We would love to visit with you more about our operation, and how Ingram Angus can supply your Angus bulls and replacement females in the upcoming years.

It’s our goal to be one of the most industry relevant, appealing Angus herds in the country. We’re here to partner with you in your own herd’s success. Please feel free to contact us for a farm visit or to inquire about our herd.

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